Number, read-only

The taskpid variable contains the PID of the secured task launched by pbrun, or the session associated with pbksh/pbsh if iologging is on.

This variable is populated when the secured task is executed, and has no value until a session starts and therefore cannot be used in the policy. This variable is shown in the Finish event of the eventlog only when a logserver is used. It can also be used in the new 7.0 syslog formatting settings, syslogsession_start_format and ssyslogsession_finish_format.

For pbksh and pbsh, this variable is only populated if iologging is turned on.

A number that contains a PID. This is a read-only variable.

syslogsession_finished_format "Privilege Management for Unix and Linux finished %command% pid:%taskpid% on %date% at %hour%:%minute%."