• Version 5.2 and earlier: runenvironmentfile not available.
  • Version 6.0 and later: runenvironmentfile available.


The runenvironmentfile variable enables you to specify the absolute path and file name of an environment file. Privilege Management for Unix and Linux can incorporate the environment variables that are specified in the environment file into the run environment. These environment variables are applied on the run host after the Accept event has been logged.

The runenvironmentfile variable overrides the environmentfile setting in the pb.settings file on the run host.

There is no read-only version of this variable.

The environment file must consist of the following:

  • Comment lines, which have a # character in the first non-whitespace position.
  • Blank lines.
  • Bourne shell compatible environment variable setting lines with the form NAME=VALUE.

Each line in the file must contain less than 1024 characters. Line continuation is not supported. This file must not contain any shell commands or constructs other than the setting of environment variables. Comments must not appear on the same line as an environment variable.

runenvironmentfile = string;

A string that contains the absolute path and file name of an environment file. The default value is empty.

runenvironmentfile = "/etc/environment";