This run variable does not apply to pbssh. If it is present in the policy, it does not have any effect on pbssh and is ignored.

String. cwd is read-only. runcwd is modifiable.

The cwd and runcwd variables contain the full path of the working directory on the submit host from which the current task request is being initiated. To cause the requested program to execute in a different directory on a run host, set the runcwd variable. Depending on how Privilege Management for Unix and Linux is deployed, submit host and run host might be different machines with different directory structures.

If Privilege Management for Unix and Linux cannot set this variable and enforceRunCwd is set to No, the task request runs in the /tmp directory on the run host.

runcwd = string;

A string specifying the run host working directory for the current task request. cwd is a read-only variable. Also, cwd is the directory from which the command originated. runcwd defaults to cwd.

runcwd = "/home/username";

For more information, please see runchroot.