• Version 6.2 and earlier: passwordloggingprompts variable not available.
  • Version 7.0 and later: passwordloggingprompts variable available.


The passwordloggingprompts variable controls the lognopassword feature. When passwords should not be logged, all input and output are logged until a password prompt is recognized on stdout. Password prompts to recognize must be listed in the passwordloggingprompts variable. When a password prompt is recognized, non-echoed stdin is not logged until a newline is received, or until input exceeds 80 characters.

passwordloggingprompts = list;

A list of character values.

The default list for v7.0.0 to v7.5.0 is {"Password:", "password:", "Passwd:", "passwd:"}.

The default list for v7.5.1 and later is {"Password", "password", "Passwd", "passwd"}.

Set the list to a single prompt to recognize:
passwordloggingprompts = {"Enter ANY string:"};
Set the list to three prompts to recognize:
passwordloggingprompts={"Enter ANY string:", "password:", "passwd:"};
Append the prompt "Enter key:" to the list.
passwordloggingprompts={passwordloggingprompts,"Enter key:"};

For more information, please see lognopassword.