String, read-only

The exitstatus variable contains the task completion code, also called the return code, for the current task request.

"The command exited with a status of x" Where x is the status code that is returned by the current task request.
"Command caught signal ## (XXXX)" A signal that terminated the current task request.
"Idle Timeout Reached" The current task request terminated because it exceeded the maximum idle time. The runtimeout variable sets the maximum idle time.
"Exec failed" The command that is associated with the current task request was not found.
undefined Privilege Management for Unix and Linux was unable to execute the command that is associated with the current task request. In this case, the exitstatus variable is undefined (that is, it has a string length of 0). This status indicates that the task may still be running, or aborted due to a network or other crash.

This variable appears only in the event log.

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