The eventlog variable contains the absolute path specification for the current event log. The default value comes from the settings file or depends on the operating system, but this policy variable always supercedes those other definitions. Any parent directory in the path is automatically created.

Beginning in version 10.3.0, new event log formats, such as SQLite DB and ODBC, were introduced. However, the filename specified by the eventlog variable in the policy is always created in the original proprietary flat file format.

eventlog = <absolute filename >

A string that contains the absolute path specification for the event log for the current secured task.

In the following example, the path defined by the eventlog policy variable overrides the default value in the settings file.
eventlog = '/var/log/pmul/hr001/pb.eventlog';

For more information, please see the sections for the eventdestinations and eventlog settings keywords in the Privilege Management for Unix & Linux Administration Guide.