Task Environment Functions and Procedures

Task environment functions are used to manage task environment variables. The task environment functions and procedures are summarized in the following table.

Function/ Procedure Description


Provides advanced control over remote SSH and Telnet sessions.


Retrieves an environment variable from env.
keepenv Keep only the listed variables. Clear all others from runenv.
setenv Sets the value of an environment variable in runenv.
unsetenv Delete an environment variable from runenv.

All task environment functions and procedures act upon the Privilege Management for Unix and Linux environment variables env and runenv.

env and runenv are list variables that contain all of the environment variables that are defined for the current request. env is a read-only variable that contains task information from the initial task request on the submit host. runenv is a modifiable variable that contains the task information that is actually used during task execution on the run host.

env and runenv have the following format:

{"variable-name=value", "variable-name=value", …};

For more information on env and runenv, please see Task Information Variables.