After the specified number of minutes, a message is written to the user’s stderr. If the optional message argument is not specified, the default message is: WARNING: You have exceeded the maximum allowed session time.

Internally, this feature makes use of the new read-only policy variables runtimewarn and runtimewarnmsg to communicate the details from the policy server to the run host.

This feature might typically be used to warn a user of an upcoming timeout specified by the runtimelimit variable.

The runtimewarn time limit is specified in minutes (within a procedure), while runtimeout is specified in seconds (as a variable).

This feature may also be used with the new runtimewarnlog() procedure described below.

runtimewarn( minutes [, message] );
Minutes Required positive integer specifying the timeout in minutes.
Message Optional string specifying a message to issue to the user on stderr.
runtimewarn(20, "Warning, your session will expire soon!");

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