The append() function creates a new list by concatenating the supplied arguments to the end of list1 in sequential order.

result = append (list1, list-or-string1 [,list-or-string2, …]);
list1 Required. Contains the list to which the specified arguments are appended.
list-or-string1 Required. Contains either a character string or a list. This argument is appended to list1.
list-or-string2 … Optional. Contains additional character strings and/or lists. These additional arguments are appended to list1.

The newly created list.

TrustedUsers = {"JWhite", "TBrown", "SBlack"};
NewList = append (TrustedUsers, "RRoads");

In this example, result contains the following list:

{"JWhite", "TBrown", "SBlack", "RRoads"}

List1 = {"JWhite", "TBrown"};
List2 = {"SBlack", "RRoads"};
NewList = append (List1, "RGreen", List2);

In this example, result contains:

{"JWhite", "TBrown", "RGreen", "SBlack", "RRoads"}

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