The pblighttpd_svc.sh script is packaged in the distribution tar under <installdir>/powerbroker/<version>/pbul_*/bin.

When the REST service is installed and configured to continuously run in the background, the script is installed. It is required when at least one PMUL server component is present. If the installation is a PMUL client-only installation, it is configured to be managed by the superserver daemon, and there is no need for this script to be present.

By default, pbinstall places the script in $inst_admindir and is set to /usr/sbin. However, the location can be changed in the installation menu with the option Where do you want the administrator programs installed?.

The script is removed by pbuninstall from $inst_admindir.

This script should be installed with each server/client component package. Below are commands for each package type.


/usr/bin/startsrc -s ${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix}
/usr/bin/stopsrc -s ${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix}


/bin/launchctl load "/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.beyondtrust.${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix}.plist"
/bin/launchctl unload "/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.beyondtrust.${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix}.plist"


/usr/sbin/svcadm enable ${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix}
/usr/sbin/svcadm disable ${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix}

/etc/init.d/${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix} start
/etc/init.d/${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix} stopt


/sbin/init.d/${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix} start
/sbin/init.d/${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix} stop


/bin/systemctl start ${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix}.service
/bin/systemctl stop ${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix}.service

/usr/sbin/service ${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix} start
/usr/sbin/service ${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix} stop
*: /etc/init.d/${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix} start
   /etc/init.d/${prefix}pblighttpd${suffix} stop