Relocate the Base Directory

The Solaris package management system enables you specify an alternative base directory for package installation. With this feature, you can specify a directory to install the Privilege Management for Unix and Linux binary files and log files in. Certain files, such as pb.settings, pb.cfg, and Privilege Management for Unix and Linux key files, must be located in the /etc directory for Privilege Management for Unix and Linux to run. These files are not relocatable. To relocate the base directory from the default / (root) directory, do the following:

  1. On the target machine, create the target base directory if it does not already exist.
  2. When you run pbinstall, use the -R option and specify the new base directory.
  3. Before installing the Privilege Management for Unix and Linux component packages, edit the provided BTPBadmin package administration file and change the basedir entry to refer to the new base directory.

    Change the basedir=default entry as follows:

  4. target_base_directory is the absolute path of the target base directory.

  1. When you install the component packages, execute pkgadd with the -a option and use the BTPBadmin package administration file.

    For each required component package, run the Solaris pkgadd utility to install the component package by typing:

    pkgadd -a BTPBadmin -r response-file  -d pkg-datastream-file pkg-name

    pkg-datastream-file is the name of the component package datastream (.ds) file. response-file is the location and name of the response file, if generated, and pkg-name is the name of the package. For Privilege Management for Unix and Linux packages, the package name is the same as the datastream file name without the .ds extension.

    pkgadd -a BTPBadmin -r ./BTPB<suffix>.resp -d BTPBrunh.ds BTPBrunh

    If no response file is generated (not applicable):

    pkgadd -a BTPBadmin -d BTPBrunh.ds BTPBrunh