Install the Configuration Package Using the installp Command

This section shows the execution of the AIX installp -ad command to install the configuration package. Following installation of the configuration package, the installation is verified by submitting the pbrun id command to Privilege Management for Unix and Linux, and the AIX lslpp -l |grep powerbroker command is used to list the Privilege Management for Unix and Linux packages that are installed.

The execution text also includes copyright, trademark, trade secrets, and other legal text; however, those notices and text were removed from the following excerpt to save space:

# cd /opt/bt_pkg/powerbroker/v9.4/pbul_aix52+_9.4.3-18/install
# installp -ad ./ powerbroker.configCLIENT1-
Pre-installation Verification...
Verifying selections...done
Verifying requisites...done
Filesets listed in this section passed pre-installation verification
and will be installed.
Selected Filesets
powerbroker.configCLIENT1          # BeyondTrust PowerBroker Unix...
<< End of Success Section >>
BUILDDATE Verification ...
Verifying build dates...done
1  Selected to be installed, of which:
1  Passed pre-installation verification
1  Total to be installed
Installing Software...
installp:  APPLYING software for:
Reading pb.cfg...
Checking installation of dependent component packages...
'lppchk -f/-c' of package powerbroker.common succeeded
'lppchk -f/-c' of package powerbroker.runhost succeeded
'lppchk -f/-c' of package powerbroker.submithost succeeded
'lppchk -f/-c' of package powerbroker.sharedlibs succeeded
Looking for SuperDaemons to configure...
Finished looking for SuperDaemons to configure...
Removing PowerBroker service definitions (if any) from /etc/services.
Adding PowerBroker service definitions to /etc/services.
Removing any PowerBroker definitions from SuperDaemon inetd file /etc/inetd.conf
Adding PowerBroker definitions to SuperDaemon configurations  /etc/inetd.conf.
Reloading SuperDaemon Configurations...
0513-095 The request for subsystem refresh was completed successfully.
Done Reloading SuperDaemon Configurations...
Updating Settings in database (if any)...
Checking installation of package: powerbroker.configCLIENT1
'lppchk -f/-c' of package powerbroker.configCLIENT1 succeeded
Finished processing all filesets.  (Total time:  5 secs).
Installation Summary
Name                        Level           Part        Event       Result
powerbroker.configCLIENT1        USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
powerbroker.configCLIENT1        ROOT        APPLY       SUCCESS