Scheduling Service


  • Version 9.3.0 and earlier: schedulingservice setting not available.
  • Version 9.4.0 and later: schedulingservice setting available.

The schedulingservice option enables the use of the Scheduler, which is required for asynchronous tasks in Privilege Management for Unix and Linux. It is required for Registry Name Service and database synchronization, amongst other things.

schedulingservice	no
schedulingservice	yes

All servers


  • Version 10.0.1 and earlier: schedulingservicedb setting not available.
  • Version 10.1.0 and later: schedulingservicedb setting available.

The schedulingservicedb option enables the specification of the path to the scheduling service database. It follows similar rules to other database settings in that if it is a relative file it will be appended to the databasedir setting to get an absolute path.

schedulingservicedb 	/opt/pbul/dbs/pbsched.db
schedulingservicedb	/opt/<prefix>pbul<suffix>/dbs/pbsched.db

All servers