The Privilege Management for Unix and Linux settings file contains settings that control its operation. This section describes in detail how to configure these settings.

Client and Server Programs

Privilege Management for Unix and Linux is a multi-level client-server application. The client programs are the programs that request services. The server programs are the programs that provide services. Any combination of client or server programs can exist on the same or different hosts.

Program Started From Runs On
pbguid browser host

Any host for settings file

Policy server host for policy editor

Log host for event log and I/O log viewers (policy server host if no log host is used).

pbksh submit host submit host
pbrun submit host submit host
pbsh submit host submit host
pbssh submit host submit host
Program Started By Runs On
pblocald pbmastered run host



Client programs in local mode

log host

pbmastered Client programs policy server host