GUI Configuration

These settings control where the Privilege Management for Unix and Linux GUI looks for its help files and user default settings.


  • Version 4.0.0 and later: builderdir setting available.

The builderdir setting specifies where pbguid looks for its help files.

builderdir /usr/local/pbguid/help_files
builderdir /usr/local/lib/<prefix>pbbuilder<suffix>

GUI hosts


  • Version 4.0.0 and later: guidefaults setting available.

Pbguid maintains a file of user defaults, which include the starting directory for logs, screen colors, etc. The location of this file is specified in the guidefaults setting.


No default value

GUI hosts


  • Version 9.4.1 and earlier: guireplaytimelimit setting not available.
  • Version 9.4.3 and later: guireplaytimelimit setting available.

If an I/O log was archived from the original location on the log host using the log archiving feature of Privilege Management for Unix and Linux, PMUL GUI on that logserver can still replay the I/O log. REST API is used by pbguid to retrieve a temporary copy from the archive server which is then read for replay. For security purposes, the copy of the log is only available for the time defined (in minutes) by guireplaytimelimit.

guireplaytimelimit 20
guireplaytimelimit 30

GUI hosts