Event Queueing of Integrated Products

Privilege Management for Unix and Linux sends its events to other products, such as BeyondTrust BeyondInsight, for additional processing to provide added value to users. Starting with v10.1.0, a message router and event scheduler is used to manage the transmission of event data to the integrated products. This architecture comes with additional configuration settings.


  • Version 10.0.0 and earlier: integratedproductsqueuedb setting not available.
  • Version 10.1.0 and later: integratedproductsqueuedb setting available.

The integratedproductsqueuedb setting specifies the path to the event queue database that holds the event data to be forwarded by the scheduler to the integrated product(s). If a relative path is specified, the databasedir setting is used to derive the full path.

integratedproductsqueuedb /mypath/pbipevent.db
integratedproductsqueuedb /opt/<prefix>pbul<suffix>/dbs/pbintprodq.db
  • Log hosts
  • Policy server hosts
For more information, please see the following:


  • Version 7.1 and earlierautofwdtime setting not available.
  • Version 7.5 and laterautofwdtime setting available.
  • Version 10.1.0 and laterautofwdtime setting available, but usage modified.

The interval, in minutes, that defines how often the scheduler processes the queued events to be forwarded to integrated products (BeyondInsight, for example). If this keyword does not exist in the settings file, it defaults to 20 minutes.

autofwdtime 4
autofwdtime 20
  • Policy server hosts
  • Log hosts