Event Logs

Event logs are produced by default and record the following information:

  • Accept and Reject status
  • The user’s pbrun environment when an attempt is made to run pbrun
  • Keystroke action events
  • Task status (if task finished successfully or unsuccessfully)

Starting with v10.3.0, the event log can be a flat file, a local SQLite database, or sent to an external Oracle or MySQL database.

For more information, please see Auditing and Logging.

Example of Event Log Entries

The output from a pblog session that simply reads the event log is:
Accept 2018/09/20 11:37:57 chris@sparky -> chris@sparky
kill -9 570
Command finished with exit status 0
Accept 2018/09/20 11:38:09 chris@sparky -> chris@sparky
ls /export/home
Command finished with exit status 0
Reject 2018/09/20 11:37:39 chris@sparky