pbsum prints the checksum of one or more files. The checksum can be used in a policy configuration file to check the requested program’s integrity. If anyone has modified the program and thereby changes the checksum, the secured task is refused. The string that is produced by pbsum can be used to set the value of the runmd5sum variable in the Privilege Management for Unix and Linux policy configuration file.

  • Version 3.5 and earlier: long command options not supported.
  • Version 4.0 and later: long command options supported.
pbsum file_names
pbsum -m | --md5 file_names
pbsum –v | --version
pbsum --help
-m, --md5 file_names Optional. Use the MD5 algorithm to generate a checksum.
-v, --version

Optional. Displays the pbsum version and exits.


Optional. Displays the program help message and exits.


pbsum /etc/pb.settings file
>pbsum -m /etc/pb.settings /bin/ls

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