Rebuild Indexes in SQL Server Management Studio

Microsoft SQL Server maintains indexes whenever events and data are added to or purged from the Privilege Management database. Over time, these indexes can become fragmented. Heavily fragmented indexes can cause degradations in database performance and result in increased report generation times. Rebuilding the indexes improves database performance and restores report generation times to their optimum.

Therefore we recommend a maintenance plan be applied to SQL Server to ensure that indexes are regularly rebuilt.

If you are unsure Privilege Management Reporting database indexes are causing a degradation in performance, then you can observe their percentage fragmentation in SQL Server Management Studio. The Processes table of the Privilege Management database is typically a high volume table, and most likely will become fragmented first.

To check the index fragmentation of the Privilege Management database in SQL Server Management Studio:

  1. Navigate to Databases > BeyondTrust Privilege Management(Privilege Guard) > Tables > dbo.Processes > Indexes.
  2. Right-click on IDC Processes and select Properties.
  3. In the Index Properties dialog box, select Fragmentation.
  4. The Total Fragmentation is displayed as a percentage.

If you want to manually rebuild indexes for a table, you can right-click the Indexes node of any table and select Rebuild All.