"Discovery By Path" Report in Privilege Management

The table displays all distinct applications installed in certain locations that are discovered during the specified time frame.

  • System: C:\Windows\
  • Program Files: C:\Program Files\, C:\Program Files (x86)\
  • User Profiles: C:\Users

The paths can be changed using the filter panel.

The following columns are available for the Windows Discovery By Path table:

  • Path: The Path category that the application was installed in. You can click the + icon to expand the row and see each application.
  • # Users: The number of users.
  • Median # processes / user: The median number of processes per user.
  • # Hosts: The number of hosts.
  • # Processes: The number of processes.
  • # Applications: The number of applications.
  • Date first reported: The date the application was first entered in the database.
  • Date first executed: The first known date the application was executed.

Some of these columns allow you to drill down to additional information:

  • # Users: Displays a list of users the application events came from.
  • # Hosts: Displays a list of hosts the application events came from.
  • # Processes: Displays the Events All table and lists the events received in the time period for the selected application.
For more information on the quick filters that are available, please see the following: