Save Platform Settings

When configuring platforms, you can save the settings to a file. Reusing baseline settings can save time if you frequently create packages that will use the same or similar settings.

For the PMC or BeyondInsight platforms, certificates and certificate passwords are not saved in the settings file. When using a saved settings file later, you must enter certificate information again before exporting the package.

The file extension is .rdt.

  1. On the Rapid Deployment Tool home page, select the platform.
  2. Select and enter settings for the baseline file. If you click the Home icon at any time on a platform page, a message displays, indicating you might lose your settings changes if you proceed.
  3. Select File > Save as.
  4. Enter a file name, and then click Save. The default file name is the same as the platform. For example, the macOS platform file name is pmfm.rdt.
  5. To open the file, select File > Open and navigate to the file location.