Computer Filters Privilege Management

A computer filter specifies the computers and IP addresses that the Workstyle is applied to.

To restrict the Workstyle to specific computers:

  1. Expand the appropriate Workstyle in the left pane and click Filters.
  2. Select Actions > Add Computer Filter.
  3. Click the new computer filter to open the Add/Edit Computers page.
  4. Choose Browse Systems to select a managed computer from the Trellix ePO System Tree, or select Add Host Name to manually enter the computer information.
  5. When you have finished adding computers to the filter, click Finish.

To restrict the Workstyle to specific IP addresses, follow the steps above, but click Add IP Address and enter an IP address.

You can also use the asterix wildcard (*) in any octet to include all addresses in that octet range; for example, 192.168.*.*. Alternatively, you can specify a particular range for any octet; for example, Wildcards and ranges can be used in the same IP address, but not in the same octet.