Manual Upgrade for Privilege Management Reporting Database

Use these instructions to upgrade the Privilege Management Reporting database where you cannot use the installer or need to do a manual installation, for example, PMC in Azure. SQL scripts are provided to manage these upgrades.

To upgrade a Privilege Management Reporting database using SQL scripts:

  1. The SQL scripts are provided as part of the Reporting installers. Alternatively, you can contact BeyondTrust Technical Support for them.

There is a README file provided in this directory to assist you.

  1. Run the following SQL query to find the current version of the database. This returns the version of the database.
    select * from DatabaseVersion

This SQL query works for Privilege Management Reporting databases 4.5 and later.

  1. Execute the upgrade script where the name is the next version number and carry on applying these until the desired version is reached.

If your current database version is 4.3.16 and you want to upgrade to version 5.0.0, execute the following scripts in order:
  1. Script_4.5.0_Updates.sql
  2. Script_5.0.0_Updates.sql

Please check the SQL log for any errors and contact BeyondTrust Technical Support if necessary.