"Trusted Application Protection" Report in Privilege Management for Mac

This report shows information about TAP incidents. A TAP incident is a child process of a trusted application that is blocked, due to a Trusted Application policy or a DLL that is blocked from being loaded by a trusted application because it doesn't have a trusted owner or trusted publisher.

There are no advanced filters for the Trusted Application Protection dashboard.

Chart Description
All Trusted Application Protection incidents over the time period

A stacked bar chart showing the number of the different incidents broken down by the trusted application.

Trusted Application Protection incidents, by application

A table listing each trusted application, the number of TAP incidents, the number of targets, the number of users, and the number of hosts affected.

Top 10 targets

The top 10 targets for TAP incidents.

Clicking the target name shows you more information about the target including its actions over the time period.

Clicking on Users shows you more information about the users.

Clicking on Host shows you more information about the host.

Clicking on Incidents takes you to the Process Detail report with the Distinct App ID filter applied.