"Discovery All" Report in Privilege Management for Mac

Lists all applications discovered in the time period, grouped by the application description. If multiple versions of the same application exist, they are grouped on the same line. These can be expanded by clicking on the plus (+) symbol in the Version column.

The following columns are available for the Discovery By Publisher table:

  • Description: The description of a specific application
  • Publisher: The publisher of the applications
  • Name: The product name of a specific application
  • Type: The type of application
  • Version: The version number of a specific application
  • # Users: The number of users
  • Median # processes/user: The median number of processes per user
  • # Hosts: The number of hosts
  • # Processes: The number of processes
  • Date first reported: The date when the application was first entered into the database
  • Date first executed: The first known date that the application was executed

Click the link in the Description column to see more detailed information on the application, including the actions over the last 30 days split by the type of token, the top 10 users, the top 10 hosts, the run method, and the portion of those discoveries where admin rights was detected.