Create Messages

To create a message:

  1. Select the Messages node in the relevant Workstyle. The right-hand pane displays the All Messages page.
  2. Right-click and click New Message.
  1. Select a message template from the first dropdown. You can choose from:
    • Allow Message (Audit)
    • Allow Message (enter Reason)
    • Allow Message (Select Reason)
    • Allow Message (with Authentication)
    • Allow Message (with Challenge)
    • Block Message
    • Request Message (enter Reason)
    • Request (Select Reason)
  1. You can change the other options if required to customize it to your business.
  2. If you select the check box Show the details of the application being executed the Program Name, Program Publisher, and Program Path names and variables are hidden from the preview and the message displayed on the endpoint.
  3. Click OK to finish creating your message.

A new message will be created. You may now further refine the message by selecting it and editing the Design and the Text options available beneath each message.