Steps to Integrate Privilege Management for Windows with BeyondInsight

After you set up the appliances, continue with setting up the integration between Privilege Management and BeyondInsight.

Once you have BeyondInsight and Endpoint Privilege Management installed in your environment, you must configure both instances to communicate with each other. Below is a list of high level steps needed to complete the integration.

  • Create and deploy the BeyondInsight client certificate to all potential Privilege Management for Windows endpoints or policy editor machines.
  • Using your method of choice, deploy the Privilege Management for Windows client and BeyondInsight adapter on all endpoints, using the BIMODE=1 install flag.
  • Verify BeyondInsight is receiving heartbeats and information from Privilege Management for Windows endpoints.
  • Configure the policy editor to communicate with BeyondInsight and test the connection.
  • Create a new policy in the editor.
  • Create a Smart Rule in BeyondInsight.
  • Assign and deploy a policy from BeyondInsight.