Configure the Privilege Management Policy Editor

After you deploy the client certificate to your Privilege Management Policy Editor machines, you can set up the Privilege Management Policy Editor and configure the editor to work with BeyondInsight.

Screenshot of the Add/Remove Snap-in option in MMC

  1. Launch the Microsoft Management Console (mmc.exe) as an admin and go to File > Add/Remove Snap-in.


Privilege Management BeyondInsight add snap-in to mmc console

  1. In the Available snap-ins menu, locate and select the Privilege Management Settings (BeyondInsight) snap-in.
  2. Click Add >, and then click OK. The Privilege Management Settings (BeyondInsight) snap-in appears in the Console Root menu.


Test the Connection

Before continuing on with the remainder of the integration setup, you should test the following:

  • Test to ensure that a client certificate of the correct name is available in the certificate store.
  • Test to ensure the policy editor can reach the BeyondInsight Server.

Privilege Management for Windows remote server details

To test, click on Remote Server Details from the Welcome page. From the BeyondInsight Server Details dialog, enter the server details. Then click Test by Certificate Name and BeyondInsight Server to check each component.

The Certificate Name and Workgroup Name fields are populated with default values.


Image of a valid certificate message

If a certificate of the correct name is found, a message appears stating Valid certificate found in certificate store.


Image of the BeyondInsight Server test message

If the BeyondInsight Server can be reached, a message appears stating The server was reached successfully.

When finished testing, click Save.