Use a Settings File with a Rule Script File

A Settings (*.json) file is an optional file you can use in your integration. Settings files are encrypted at the endpoint so they are useful for storing credentials and other sensitive information.

After you associate a Settings file with a rule script (*.ps1), that Settings file is used wherever the rule script is used. If you change the Settings file, the updated Settings file is applied to all rules referencing the rule script.

In Privilege Management for Windows, the two files are intrinsically linked after you associate a Settings file with a rule script.

Test a Settings File

Instantiate the PRTestHarness with a Settings file using DefendpointAccessor.

$Global:defendpointAccessor = New-PRTestHarness -TestConfig "C:\PowerRules\PRTestHarness\AddAdmin_ExampleApp.json" -TestSettings "\PowerRules\Settings.json"