Finish Tab

The Finish tab gives you the Server URL you need to access PMC. This is the DNS of your SSL certificate with the PMC port 9443 appended to it.

Please copy and paste the contents of the PowerShell window that you used for deployment. This information may be required to validate provided deployment parameters.


Record the Server URL as you will need it to log in to PMC.

You should now log in to your Service Fabric Dashboard to confirm you have deployed PMC successfully.

For more information, please see View the Health of Your Service Fabric Cluster.

Resolution of DNS

You need to be able to resolve the DNS before you can log in to PMC. If you intend to use a public DNS that has not yet been created, you need to create manual entries in the host files of the machines that need to communicate, such as the cluster nodes (including where the portal is installed).

Deployment Logs

All the events from the PowerShell script during setup and deployment are logged in a folder in this directory:


AppData is a hidden folder. You can access it by viewing hidden items in Windows Explorer or typing in %appdata% into Windows Explorer.

The BeyondTrust PMC Deployment Wizard.ps1 script contains the setup and deployment logs including the Windows Directory and LDAPS GUID that was generated.