Log in and Configure PMC

To log in to PMC:

  1. Navigate to the Server URL of PMC. It is the DNS Name of your SSL certificate with the PMC port number of 9443 appended to it. For example, https://ssldns:9443/.
  2. Enter the user name and password you set as your portal administrator. For example, PMCadmin@companyname.onmicrosoft.com. These credentials are in your Azure Active Directory.
  3. When you first log in, you are asked to confirm the time and date settings. You can change these if required.

You can now configure the connection to the Privilege Management MMC PMC snap-in.

For more information, please see the following:

Connect PMC to Policy Editor

You need to configure PMC to allow the Privilege Management MMC snap-in to communicate with the PMC services.

  1. Click Administration > Settings > Remote Access Settings from the top menu.

The MMC Client ID GUID must match the GUID you enter in the MMC connection. The API Access ID is used in conjunction with the API, if required.

  1. Check the Enable remote MMC client access box. You need to generate a new GUID and enter it here. Use the same GUID when you configure the MMC. This is the MMC Client ID in the MMC.


There are many ways to generate a GUID. For example, you can use a PowerShell cmdlet:
  1. Check the Enable API key access box. This GUID is required if you want to use the PowerShell API. Once again, you need to generate this GUID.
  2. Click Save Changes.

Now that you have configured PMC, you also need to configure the Privilege Management MMC PMC snap-in to communicate with it.

For more information, please see Configure the Privilege Management MMC PMC Snap-in.