Privilege Management Console Grid Behavior

There are several grids in PMC that have similar behavior. The Computers grid supports the standard Windows behavior for selecting multiple rows, as you can interact with multiple computers in one action.

Select All

Check the box to select all rows in the grid, then click the link displayed.

To select the first 1,000 rows, click the check mark in the top left corner. If you want to select all rows in the grid, first select the first 1,000 rows using the check mark, and then click the link that is displayed, as demonstrated here.


Sort Columns

Click the down arrow to choose how you want to sort the columns.

By default, the grid is ordered by Name; however, you can sort by any of the other columns using the arrow adjacent to the column name. Click the down arrow to choose how you want to sort the columns. You can also hide columns using this functionality.


Click the solid triangle will clear the sort from the column.

A column that has a sort applied is indicated by a solid triangle adjacent to the Name column header. Click the solid triangle to clear the sort from the column.


Add or Remove Columns

Click to view available columns for the grid

You can configure the columns on pages with grids by clicking the hamburger icon on the right. To do this, select or clear the tick adjacent to the column you want to see or hide, respectively.



You can filter within the grids by using the empty fields at the top of each column. If you enter a string of text in these fields, the results in the grid filter below automatically update to the records that contain that string.

The filter button is shown gray to indicate that a filter is applied.

The icon to the right of the field turns gray to indicate that a filter is applied.


The following grids support filtering:

  • Computers
  • Policies
  • Groups
  • Users

You can click the filter icon to negate the filter criteria. It will then read does not contain.

Data Refresh

When there is new data available for PMC, you will see a blue notification at the bottom right of the screen, stating that new data is available. Click the refresh link in this notification to see the updated data.

Progress and Change Indicators

When PMC is busy performing an action, you see a spinner on the grid to indicate that it's processing.

Where actions affect one or more rows, you see the affected rows briefly flash green to indicate that PMC has processed your request.

Error Notifications

If PMC cannot complete an action successfully, it does not make any changes and you get a notification on the top right, next to the search field. PMC does not process a task that it cannot action successfully. The error notification tells you that the action was not successful. You can clear the errors as required from the page that generated the error.