PMC Authentication Prerequisites

PMC supports three types of authentication:

  • Windows Active Directory, no PMC specific prerequisites required
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Secured (LDAPS), no PMC specific prerequisites required
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

You need to know your method of authentication and configure it for PMC prior to running the PMC deployment tool, as some of the authentication settings are required.

You also need to know the DNS for your SSL Certificate. This forms your portal URL when combined with the PMC port number 9443.

For more information about Microsoft Azure AD requirements, please see Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication.

Mutual Authentication

PMC can only manage endpoints over networks that support mutual authentication. If your PMC deployment uses a Web Application Firewall (WAF), then the WAF must support mutual authentication.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication

You need the following components in Microsoft Azure to authenticate with PMC:

  • Microsoft Azure AD tenant
  • Azure AD tenant username
  • PMC application in the Azure AD tenant