Welcome Tab

The Welcome screen introduces you to the PMC deployment wizard. If you intend to perform a non-domain joined install, ensure that you are using the same user to run the PMC deployment as you have set up in the Windows Administrators group on the deployment PMC cluster nodes and SQL machine, and that you have run the PowerShell script to enable WinRM. This script can be found in the Deployment folder.

For Windows Directory and LDAPS authentication, the PMC deployment wizard generates a Tenant ID GUID that is used for the PMC management database configuration and the PMC adapter set up after deployment. You need to copy this Tenant ID GUID from the PowerShell window at the start of the deployment, or from the Authentication tab where it is displayed again once you select Windows Active Directory. You can disregard this Tenant ID GUID for Azure authentication as you use the Tenant GUID from Azure for this purpose.

Click Next to proceed to the Installation Tab.

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