Installation Tab

Choose between deploying PMC to domain-connected machines or machines not on a domain.

Enter the domain and username as well as the password for the user that is a member of the Windows Administrators group on your deployment PMC cluster nodes and SQL machine.

When you click Next the PMC deployment wizard validates that this user exists and is a member of the Windows Administrators group; the wizard stops if this is not the case.

Certificate Check and Creation

After validating the user, the PMC deployment wizard generates the PMC certificate chain.

The following certificates are generated:

  • PMC Configuration Encipherment
  • PMC Tenant CA
  • PMC Tenant Service Identity
  • PMC Cluster Admin
  • PMC Root

If you have previously run the deployment with this build but have not completed it, the certificates are in the Configuration subfolder within the Deployment folder. You can use the same certificates if you made a note of the passwords, otherwise you can delete the certificates and the PMC deployment wizard can generate a new chain when prompted.

The PMC deployment wizard prompts you for an SSL certificate. If this is an evaluation deployment, you can click Yes to generate an SSL certificate; otherwise, click No to browse to the PFX part of the SSL certificate that you intend to use for PMC.

If you allow the deployment utility to generate an evaluation certificate, it will contain an asterisk to indicate a wildcard. You need to replace this wildcard with your domain when prompted to do so on the PMC Portal tab. Wildcards are supported for evaluation deployments; however, multiple sub-domains are not.

The use of an SSL certificate that contains a wildcard is not supported for production deployments. You must supply your own SSL certificate for a production deployment with the appropriate domain.

Generating an SSL certificate is only supported for evaluation deployments, as it is not rooted to a public certificate authority that is trusted by Windows or Mac.

Click Next to proceed to the Certificates Tab.

For more information, please see Certificates Tab.