Quickstart Templates

When creating a new policy, there are three QuickStart templates to choose from:

QuickStart templates contain Workstyles, Application Groups, Messages, and Custom Tokens configured with Endpoint Privilege Management and Application Control. The QuickStart policy is designed from BeyondTrust’s experiences of implementing the solution across thousands of customers, and is intended to balance security with user freedom.

As every environment is different, we recommend you thoroughly test this configuration to ensure it complies with the requirements of your organization.

For more information about creating and managing policy, see Overview.

Customize the QuickStart Policy

Before deploying the QuickStart policy to your users, you need to make some company-specific customizations to the standard template.

At a minimum you need to:

  • Configure the users or groups that can authorize requests that trigger messages.
  • Assign users and groups to the high, medium, and low flexibility Workstyles.
  • Populate the Block - Blocklisted Apps Application Group with any applications that you want to block for all users.
  • Set your shared key so you can generate an Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows for Mac Response code.