Hosting Locations and Disaster Recovery

Azure hosting locations include:

  • East US
  • Central US
  • West US
  • Canada Central
  • UK South
  • Germany West Central
  • North Europe
  • South Africa North
  • Central India
  • South East Asia (Singapore)
  • East Japan
  • Australia East

SQL Database uses SQL Server technology to create full backups every week, differential backups every 12 hours, and transaction log backups every 5 to 10 minutes. The backups are stored in RA-GRS (read-access geo-redundant storage) blobs that are replicated to a paired datacenter for protection against a datacenter outage. When you restore a database, the service determines which full, differential, and transaction log backups need to be restored.

The first full backup is scheduled immediately after a database is created.

Individual Cloud Instance Backups

Azure SQL

  • Computer Management Database
  • Policy Database
  • Reporting Database

Each database has sufficient point in time restore coverage and long-term retention backup availability for comprehensive data restoration if required.

Azure Key Vault

  • Utilizes regional redundancy
  • Employs Soft Delete of encryption keys and passwords


Recovery is available through Microsoft’s Azure Management Portal and is subject to specific incident response times.