"Events All" Report

A search history is automatically saved when you select filters on the Events / All page.

You can select a previous search item and clear filters associated with that search. A new search item is then automatically saved to the list of previous searches.

The search history is retained between your sessions. The list can include up to 10 search items.

The following columns are available for the Windows EventsAll table:

  • Event Time: The time of the event
  • Reputation: Indicates the results of the reputation scan analysis.
  • Platform: The platform that the event came from
  • Description: The description of the event
  • User Name: The user name of the user who triggered the event
  • Host Name: The host name where the event was triggered
  • Event Type: The type of event
  • Workstyle: The Workstyle containing the rule that triggered the event
  • Event Category: The category of the event
  • Elevation Method: The method of elevation

You can click some of the column data to review additional information on that event.