"Discovery by Publisher" Report

The table displays the discovered applications grouped by publisher. Where there is more than one application per publisher, click + to expand the entry to examine each application.

The following columns are available for the Windows Discovery By Publisher table:

  • Publisher: The publisher of the applications.
  • Description: The description of the application.
  • Name: The product name of the application.
  • Type: The type of application.
  • Version: The version number of a specific application.
  • # Users: The number of users.
  • Median # processes / user: The median number of processes per user.
  • # Hosts: The number of hosts.
  • # Processes: The number of processes.
  • # Applications: The number of applications.
  • Date first reported: The date the application was first entered in the database.
  • Date first executed: The first known date the application was executed.
  • Name: The product name. This is hidden by default but you can select it from the ActionsChoose Columns menu.

Some of these columns allow you to drill down to additional information:

  • "i" icon: Opens the Applications report for that application.
  • # Users: Displays a list of users the application events came from.
  • # Hosts: Displays a list of hosts the application events came from.
  • # Processes: Displays the Events All table and lists the events received in the time period for the selected application.

The following quick filters are available:

  • Platform
  • Time First Reported
  • Time First Executed
  • Path
  • Source
  • Admin Rights
  • Ownership
  • Rule Match Type