Management rules

Create management rules to automatically move computers in your estate to an archived status. Archived computers can be deleted or moved to the active pool of computers; this can also be managed manually or automatically using rules.


  • A computer shows as either connected or disconnected based on Computer Settings.
  • When disconnected for a period of time, the computer status changes to archived the next time the management rule triggers.
  • If the computer reconnects to EPM, the computer status changes to a connected state.
  • A computer is no longer displayed in the Computers list after the status changes to Archived.

A computer can go into a disconnected state if:

  • A user goes on short term leave. Shows as disconnected after the number of days configured pass. User returns before the archive rule is configured. When the user turns on the computer and the status changes to disconnected.
  • A user goes on extended leave and turns their computer off. When the user returns to work and turns the computer on, the status changes to Connected and the policy updates.
  • A computer is permanently decommissioned. Shows as Disconnected after the number of days configured pass. Computer is then archived and then deleted (after the deletion rule triggers).
  • Computer is deactivated before the deactivation option is removed from EPM. The status changes to Disconnected. Computer is archived after the archive rule runs. Then the computer is deleted when the delete rule runs.