Privilege Management Console Grid Behavior

There are several grids in PMC that have similar behavior. For example, you can use filtering options to reduce the number of items displayed in the grid.

Access Details Page or Panel

From the main page for Computers, Computer Groups, Activity Auditing, and Users, you can click the item in the first column to access a Details page or panel.

Click the following for access:

  • Computer Name (Computers)
  • Computer Group Name (Computer Groups)
  • Entity (Activity Auditing)
  • Email Address (Users)

Select multiple columns to display in the grid.

Select Columns to Display

At the right, click the Columns icon, and then select the columns you want to display.

Sort Columns

You can sort columns independent of each other by clicking the column name. An Up or Down arrow icon appears to designate the ascending or descending sorting order.

Icon next to Name field for sorting


Use the filter tool to filter within the grids. click in the filter field, and then from the list, select a filtering option.

You can filter within the grids by using the filter options at the top of the grid.

When you enter a string of text in the field, the results in the grid filter below automatically update to the records that contain that string.

The grid updates automatically according to the filter option and the text xtring you enter..

To remove a filter, at the right of the filter, click the X icon.

The following grids support filtering:

  • Policies
  • Computers
  • Computer Groups
  • Auditing
  • Users

You can use multiple filters in your search. After your initial filter is applied, click in the Filter field again, and select an additional filter item to use. For example, you can filter policies by name, and then by date created.

Filter Using the Date Picker

PMC has a date picker that you can use to filter in the grids. For example, you can use it to select a range of dates within which computers or computer groups were created.

Date Picker filter tool with a range of dates selected

To use the date picker:

  1. On the Policies, Computers, Computer Groups, Activity Auditing, or Users page, click in the Filter field above the grid. The filter options list appears.
  2. Select an option that requires a date, such as Created. The date picker appears.
  3. You have three options for filtering:
    • Select a single date.
    • Check the Range box, and then select a beginning and end date for the range.
    • Check the Multiple box, and then select multiple, specific dates.
  4. To apply the filter, click Select. The grid displays a list according to your criteria.

To further reduce the list returned, you can modify the dates or add one or more additional filters.


Progress and Change Indicators

When PMC is busy performing an action, you see a spinner on the grid to indicate that it is processing.

Where actions affect one or more rows, you see a green toaster notification briefly flash across the top right of the grid to indicate that PMC has processed your request.

Error Notifications

If PMC cannot complete an action successfully, it does not make any changes and you get a toaster notification on the top right, next to the search field. PMC does not process a task that it cannot action successfully. The error notification tells you that the action was not successful. You can clear the errors as required from the page that generated the error.

Export to CSV

You can export all grid data results in the currently filtered result set, not just the results which are displayed on the current page, from the Download records to CSV icon above the grid.

Download Records to CSV