Automatic Policy Deployment

The Policy and Computer Settings section is where you can manage automatic policy deployment, computer deactivation, and computer deduplication.

Policy Deployment

On this page, you can choose if you would like to automatically deploy a policy to computers, or manually deploy a policy to computers.

To turn on automatic policy deployment:

  1. Select Configuration from the sidebar menu.
  2. Under Settings, click Policy & Computer Settings.
  3. Click the Automatically deploy policy to computers radio button.

Auto Deactivate Settings

This page allows you to choose whether you want to deactivate computers that have not contacted PMC for a number of days that you define, when you enable the functionality. For example, a computer might not have contacted PMC if it's a duplicate.

The task to deactivate computers runs every day at 02:30 server time on the node where the job service is running. The deactivation job is audited in the Activity Log. You can filter by deactivated computers in the Computers grid.

To enable the automatic deactivation of computers, check the Enable auto deactivation of computers box. When you check this box, enter a value between 30 and 365 days. This determines the duration since the computer last contacted PMC before it is automatically deactivated.

Computer Deactivation Options

Deactivated computers are disconnected from PMC and are no longer able to communicate with PMC. This action can't be reversed unless you reinstall the software on the client computer.


With the release of PMC version 20.1, auto deactivate functionality is turned off by default, for both upgrades and new installations. If you want to turn on auto deactivate functionality, use the Enable auto deactivation of computers setting. The functionality remains unchanged.

You can also manually deactivate computers.

For more information, please see the following:

You can view a list of deactivated computers from the Computers grid by filtering by the Deactivated status.

Turn on Deduplication

You can manage duplicate computers on this page.

To turn on deduplication:

  1. Select Configuration from the sidebar menu.
  2. Under Settings, click Policy & Computer Settings.
  3. Click the Auto Deduplication of Computers toggle. The deduplication job runs nightly and detects duplicate computers.