View Tasks and Task Details in BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux

Host actions are organized and grouped on the Tasks page. Tasks can be filtered by the following options:

  • Task Type
  • Date Range
  • Username
  • Pending Status
  • Success Status
  • Failure Status

View Tasks

The task details grid includes the following:

  • Type: The type of task that was run. Options include:
    • Profile
    • Discovery
    • Install
    • Upgrade
    • Uninstall
    • Assign Log Server
    • Domain Join
    • Encryption Keyfiles Deployment
  • Tasks: The number of hosts the operation was performed on.
  • Pending: The number of tasks that have yet to be run.
  • Succeeded: The number of tasks completed successfully.
  • Failed: The number of tasks completed unsuccessfully.
  • Username: The user who executed the task.
  • Updated: The last time the task entry was updated.

To view task details:

  1. Go to the Tasks page.
  2. Use the filtering options to reduce the list of tasks to choose from. For example, tasks can be listed by date range finding only those tasks that occurred in the selected time frame.
  3. Select a task. A Task Summary is displayed.
  4. From the Task Summary, click View Task Details.

A view of the Task Summary pane in BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux

Task Details

The Task Details page provides detailed output of individual tasks. Information is presented in an easy to read manner to help with troubleshooting.

A view of the Task Details page