Configure the Privilege Management for Unix and Linux Integration

Upload key files to confirm the files on the host are synchronized with the keys used by the console.

If no key files are present, the console creates them during the next installation of Privilege Management for Unix and Linux for versions 9.4.5 and later.

To configure Privilege Management for Unix and Linux:

  1. In the console, select the Settings menu, then click Integration.
  2. Turn on Bypass SSL certificate validation if you do not want to verify certificates.
  3. Choose whether to enable or disable Role entitlement reporting by default.
  4. Choose whether to enable or disable Prevent role entitlement reporting override.
  5. Upload network or REST key files to the console.


PMUL hosts running 10.1 and above in Role Based Policy Mode can take advantage of Entitlement Reporting to discover who is able to do what, where, and when. Entitlement can be searched by Run user, Run host, Submit user, Submit host, and Commands. Report levels can be set to provide varying levels of detail, with higher numbers providing more details. Entitlement reporting can be enabled per policy. A default value for reporting can be configured in Settings; if enabled, all new role based policies will default to entitlement reporting enabled, or vice versa if set to false. Additionally, this setting can be locked so the default value is both set and unchangeable per policy. This is for new policies only; disabling entitlement reporting will not change the values for existing policies.