Run BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux

Log in to the console using a supported browser: https://localhost:4443. If this is your first time logging into the console, the First-run wizard starts.


If the wizard starts and this is not the first time the console has been run, do not go through the wizard again. All data in the system will be lost. Contact BeyondTrust Technical Support.

Set Up the Console Using the First Run Wizard

If this is the first time you are logging on to the console, complete the wizard and configure the system settings.

Configure BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux

The following sections match the layout of the First Run Wizard in BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux. Please follow along for assistance with BIUL's initial configuration and setup.

  1. Welcome: Read the available information carefully to ensure a smooth configuration process.

Proceeding will reset the database to its initial state. This is an unrecoverable action.

  1. Users:
    • Create the administrative accounts that will be used to log into the console. On this step, you can add multiple accounts.
    • Click Save after entering each new account to confirm the account details and to populate a list of accounts under Configured Host Users.
    • To delete an account, click the Delete icon next to the account's name.
    • When you've added the desired number of accounts, click Next Step.
  2. Credentials: Create credentials for remote hosts. The credentials are used to connect to the remote hosts.
  3. Summary: Review the settings and save. You are now able to log in to the console using the administrator account you created in the wizard.

View the BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux Home

The Home screen allows administrators to view BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux options on the landing page for easy access.

The options include:

  • Host Inventory: Discover, add, and manage hosts for BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux.
  • Settings: Configure settings for BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux.
  • Audit: View, replay, and audit Privilege Management for Unix and Linux logs.
  • Policy Management: Create, edit, and modify policies on managed policy servers.
  • Tasks: View jobs executed by BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux.


View the BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux Dashboard

The dashboard provides an easy-to-read visual summary of the console data metrics.

An image of the Dashboard in BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux.

Summary Metrics

The top section of the dashboard displays the following details:

  • Software Installations: Lists the products and the number of hosts where the product is installed.
  • Discovered: The number of discovered and available hosts.
  • Profiled: The number of successfully profiled hosts.
  • Solr Assigned Log Servers: The number of log servers using Solr indexing.
  • Domain Joins: The number of hosts joined to a domain.


The following statistics are provided:

  • Operating Systems: Displays the most common operating systems discovered on the network.
  • Domain Joins: Displays the most common domains joined by discovered hosts.
  • Privilege Management for Unix and Linux Roles: Displays the most common PMUL roles discovered on hosts.