BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux User Guide

This guide shows system administrators and security administrators how to configure and use BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux (BIUL). It provides an overview of how BIUL works and instructions for its configuration and use.

BeyondTrust Product Name Conventions

This guide uses the following naming conventions for BeyondTrust products:

BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux

(formerly PowerBroker Servers Management Console)

Endpoint Privilege Management for Unix and Linux

(formerly PowerBroker for Unix and Linux, and Privilege Management for Unix and Linux or PMUL)

Endpoint Privilege Management for Linux (SaaS) EPM-L
Active Directory Bridge AD Bridge or ADB
Solr (deprecated as of 23.1 release)

(formerly PowerBroker Solr)


File Integrity Monitoring

Advanced Control and Audit ACA
Role-Based Policy RBP


BIUL is a web-based tool that you can use to:

  • Manage software for AD Bridge and EPM-UL.
  • Remotely assess the suitability of a remote host's state by running a profile. After a profile is complete, installs, uninstalls, domain joins, and other actions can be performed on remote hosts.
  • Manage EPM-UL licenses on policy servers.
  • Manage EPM-UL script, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), and role-based policies.
  • Manage Sudo host groups and FIM policy host assignment.
  • View, replay, and audit EPM-UL logs.

Core Features

These features are found in the menu, under tiles, and on the main pages for menu items.


Dashboard Provides visual insight into host and software metrics.
Host Discovery

The first stage of adding any remote hosts to be managed by the console. Hosts available by SSH are added.

Hosts Inventory

The central page of the console. On the Hosts > Hosts Inventory page, you can profile targets, install, and uninstall AD Bridge, EPM-UL, and Solr. Additionally, you can remove hosts, upgrade software, join hosts to domains, manage SSH fingerprints, and assign log servers to be indexed by Solr.


Manage user credentials for remote assets (typically SSH credentials).

SSH Fingerprints

Manage SSH fingerprints for remote hosts.

Registry Name Service

Manage EPM-UL Registry Name Service systems.

Policy Management

Manage Endpoint Privilege Management for Networks, FIM, and role-based and script-based policies on EPM-UL policy servers.


View, replay, and audit EPM-UL events and I/O logs. I/O logs can be replayed as they occur. Users can add comments on the logs. Query and view EPM-UL and AD Bridge events that have been exported to an external SIEM.

License Management

View and manage license information for EPM-UL.


View details about results and status of any remote actions performed by the console.


Configuration settings available to the end user, including integration settings for products like Password Safe.


Users with the software administrator role can view notifications that are triggered when given conditions arise within BIUL. The notification details provide options for remediation of the condition.


As of version 23.1, Solr is deprecated. EPM-UL no longer supports installing Solr, but features that use an existing Solr installation will continue to work.