Deploy Keyfiles

The Deploy PMUL Network and REST encryption key files action uses the network and encryption keys configured on the Settings > Integration page.

To deploy keyfiles:

  1. Go to the Hosts > Host Inventory page.
  2. Select a host, and then at the far right, click the ellipsis menu icon and select Perform Host Actions.
  1. Select Privilege Management for Unix and Linux, and then select Next Step.
  2. Select Deploy PMUL Network and REST encryption key files, and then click Next Step.
  1. On the Credential Selection page, select a logon credential to access the remote system. If you cannot log on as root, then select one of the following to run the action with escalated privileges: pbrun, sudo, or sudo su. This may require choosing a second credential.
  1. Review the Summary page, and then click Finish.
  1. Review the Task page, and verify the completed status of attempted actions under Task Summary.
  2. Click Task Details to view more information about Task Status.