Prepare for Installation

Prepare an Action Plan

Before deployment, you should make a few decisions and create an action plan. In this example, our objective is the following:

  • Use a host ( as the primary Registry Name Service (RNS) server.
  • Use Role Based Policy.
  • Use Client Registration Profiles (CRP) to onboard new machines to the RNS network.
  • Use the default RNS log group, but create a custom policy group (custom_policy).

The step above is not required. It is merely to illustrate the process.

  • Use a host ( as the primary log and policy host.
  • Use a second host ( as the secondary for the previous.
  • Use BIUL to deploy a client to this RNS network. It will log to the log server and get policy from the Policy Server.

Create Action Plan Steps

Based on the objectives above, you can now create action plan steps and follow through the logical order:

  1. Discover hosts.
  2. Manage credentials.
  3. Profile hosts.
  4. Deploy the RNS primary.
  5. Create the custom policy group.
  6. Configure Client Registration Profiles.
  7. Deploy the group primaries.
  8. Enable and configure Role-based policy.
  9. Deploy the group secondaries.
  10. Deploy the client.
  11. Execute policy.

The remainder of this guide will go into further detail for each step listed above. For more information about a certain step, please see the appropriate topic in the guide.