Deploy the RNS Primary from Hosts Inventory

On the Hosts Inventory page, select the vertical ellipsis icon in the Inventory grid to display a dropdown menu that displays the following menu items: View Host Details, Perform Host Actions, Profile Host with Default Credentials, Deploy SSH Key for Authentication, and Delete Host. Click Perform Host Actions.

Perform Host Actions menu item in BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux

Choose PMUL on the expanded Primary Action card.

In the expanded Perform Action card, choose Privilege Management for Unix and Linux from the list of software under Step 1: Primary Action. Click Next Step.


Choose Install from the available choices on the Secondary Action card.

On Step 2: Secondary Action card, set the secondary action to Install. Click Next Step.


Select Primary Registry Server and All Components on the Action Requirements card.

On the Step 3: Action Requirements card, select Primary Registry Server and All Components from the Installation Template dropdown menu. Choosing this option means that this host will be assigned the Primary role in the Registry Name Service group.

After selecting the Primary Registry Server and All Components template, select Install Primary Registry Server from the Client Registration Server dropdown. Click Next Step.


Select the appropriate Credential from the Credential drop-down menu.

In the Step 4: Credential Selection card, select the appropriate host connection credential in the Credential field along with the appropriate delegation tool from the available options. Click Next Step.


In the Step 5: Summary card, review all of the previous entries before finalizing your changes.

Click Finish to proceed to Step 6: Review Task Details which displays the Task page. Review the completed status of the performed actions under the displayed Task Summary. Click Task Details to view expanded details about the actions. Errors are displayed during these steps to assist with troubleshooting.


Each RNS deployment must have exactly one Primary Registry Server.