Create an RNS Custom Policy Group

As noted previously, this step is entirely optional and is included only to illustrate functionality. Rather than using the dflt_policy_service group, which is always available in the Registry Name Service (RNS), create a custom group and use it in the deployment.

Click the Registry Name Service tile to manage Privilege Management for Unix & Linux Name Service systems.

From the Hosts landing page, select Registry Name Service.



Choose the primary that was just installed from the presented list in the grid. A new list of categories will appear under Service Group Categories. Select the Policy category and choose Add Service Group. In the expanded Service Groups card, name the new group custom_policy_group and click Create.

Select the Policy category and click Add Service Group.

This interface can be used in the future for all RNS network group management. For example, you can use it for adding clients or promoting secondaries to primaries.